Enabling Learning, LLC was created to provide, parents, teachers, and students with bilingual resources that support academic language development and STEAM learning. It was founded by Luis J. Hernándezan instructional designer with more than 20 years of experience in educational technology who partnered with other professionals in the area of education to provide comprehensive and customized consulting and on-site or online professional development workshops for school districts across the country.


Over the years, Enabling Learning has designed and published successful educational resources currently used in schools and higher education institutions. We genuinely believe that blending student-centric learning techniques with new technologies is a powerful way to facilitate meaningful and lasting learning.


Our primary goal is to provide parents and educators with research-based strategies, tested technological tools, and best practices to facilitate the academic success of English language learners.

Luis Hernandez - Enabling Learning, LLC
Luis J. Hernández

Our Friends and Partners

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Dr Uvaldina Janecek

Dr. Uvaldina Montoya Janecek is an educator with experience teaching students of all ages, from prekindergarten to adult. She has been a bilingual early childhood teacher, a college professor of education courses on the undergraduate/graduate level, and has taught community ESL classes for adults. In addition to teaching, Uvaldina has led organizations that serve students who have challenges in traditional school settings.

Her doctoral studies concentrated on public policy and public programs administration, prompting her to become a leading expert on compliance issues for English learners’ equitable education.  Uvaldina plans to continue working on behalf of students who need an advocate, both through educational research and the preparation of professionals who work with these students.

Dr. Claudia Sánchez is a bilingual academic author, conference presenter, curriculum writer, educational consultant, and university professor whose focus is the practice of teaching and learning with English learners. She started her teaching career as a foreign language instructor for grades K-12. During the last 18 years, Dr. Sánchez has served as an instructor of graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of bilingual education and English as a Second Language (ESL).

She enjoys publishing in the areas of teaching methodologies for grades K-12, family involvement in schools, and bilingual/ESL teacher preparation. In her work, she enjoys translating theory into practice by “landing the plane” through the use of real classroom scenarios and applications.

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