Viaje a la lectura _ Interactive Workbook

Interactive Workbook

Viaje a la Lectura® is the first of a series of interactive workbooks for bilingual homes and classrooms in the U.S. This workbook embarks Kindergarten children on a reading journey that facilitates the acquisition of literacy and cognitive skills in Spanish. 

210 pages full of hands-on activities, cutouts, stickers, and app-based learning experiences 

A Comprehensive Resource

This interactive workbook is ideal for the bilingual classroom, and it has been organized into three central units based on the National Reading Panel’s (NRP) components.

  • Pre-reading
  • Language Development
  • Literary Knowledge

Including activities to develop:

  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
  • Decoding
  • High-Frequency Words
  • Vocabulary and Cognates
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Language Structure
  • Reading Comprehension

This workbook is a response to the growing need for resources that support literacy development as suggested by the Science of Reading, but not as a translation or adaptation into Spanish of existing material in English, but as an authentic resource created expressly for bilingual education and students in these types of programs.

Adapted to Academic Standards

Viaje a la Lectura® aligns with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 

Playful and Active Learning

Research shows that for learners to comprehend, retain, and master vocabulary, they have to work with words multiple times and in various ways. With Viaje a la Lectura, children can enjoy additional hands-on learning through the use of cutouts and stickers.

Stickers and Cutouts

Children could also use visual markers on the workbook’s pages to trigger playful learning activities and augmented reality experiences on the PleIQ mobile app.

PleIQ Interactivity Workbook

Monitor Learning with PleIQ School

While the students are using the PleIQ app and the workbooks, all data is sent to PleIQ School, allowing teachers to monitor standard-based learning.

Workbook and PleIQ School

Using the Workbooks with PleIQ School Gives Access to

Progress analysis

Key performance indicators are highlighted in the platform so you can make adjustments and address problematic areas quickly.

Reports by grade level, classroom, and student

In PleIQ School, you can easily replicate your institution’s structure, allowing you to create reports by grade levels, classrooms, and students. 

Pleiq School Classroom Reports

Early alerts

PleIQ School automatically monitors student, classroom, and grade-level performance. It sends you early warning messages if it detects problems in the learning process, so you can act quickly to improve performance.

Pleiq School Early Alerts

Offer your children the opportunity to play and learn with the most advanced educational technology.

Viaje a la lectura _ Interactive Workbook

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The ideal companion resource for PleIQ's Smart Cubes

PleIQ Bilingual Educational Smart Cubes
Workbook and PleIQ School
Includes PleIQ School, which processes the data generated by your students when using the PleIQ app along with the smart cubes or the interactive workbooks.
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