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BTLPT Webinar Gratuito

Free Webinar (Spanish)

In this webinar, we will cover the structure of the exam, what you are expected to do in each of its areas, and how to start preparing yourself to pass this test successfully.

This is a pre-recorded session (1 hour long), and you can have access at any time by registering with your email.

During the webinar, you can write your questions, and we will answer them via email. If you want more information on how to prepare for the exam, you can write to [email protected] 

Watched BTLPT Webinar

Presented by Luis J. Hernández

Through his face-to-face and online classes, Luis Hernández has assisted hundreds of educators in their teacher training and certification process. This webinar is the product of his experience creating and facilitating multiple preparation resources for the BTLPT.

You could also download a free eBook with recommendations for the test.

Luis J. Hernandez
Luis J. Hernández
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El acento escrito

¿Cómo colocarlo?

Si no sabes cómo colocar el acento escrito, te compartimos varios enlaces que te  pueden ayudar según sea el caso de tu dispositivo.

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