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Affiliate Program - How does it work

How to Become an Affiliate?

1-. Register to Apply
We approve affiliate applications in less than 24 hours. Once you become an affiliate, you get access to your unique referral links.

2.-Create Referral Links and Promote
Mention our products on your social media channels, blog, newsletters, online meetings, webinars, or any other way you see fit by using your unique referral links.

3.-We Track
When you use your unique referral links, we track website visitors and purchases that originated from them and attribute them to your affiliate account.

4.-You Get Paid
Every time your referrals purchase an Enabling Learning product from our website, you receive a 10% commission from the purchase price. Receive payments via PayPal upon reaching the minimum $20 threshold. (Remember to use your PayPal email as the required “Payment email address” when registering, that’s how we will pay your commissions)

It’s that easy!

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El acento escrito

¿Cómo colocarlo?

Si no sabes cómo colocar el acento escrito, te compartimos varios enlaces que te  pueden ayudar según sea el caso de tu dispositivo.

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