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Our New Website

The year 2020 for us, as perhaps for many in the rest of the world, was a year full of uncertainties and challenges during which we have learned a lot both professionally and personally. Among the most fundamental things we have learned has been knowing how to appreciate every detail of our everyday life and not taking anything for granted or ignore the opportunities that come our way. This has also been a year where, like many other companies, we have adapted to new realities and possible future changes. To reflect those changes, we have started by creating a whole new website where we want to facilitate new communication methods with each group to which we have dedicated our service in recent years. Now we have sections for parents, teachers and administrators, and preservice teachers on our website.

At Enabling Learning, we are committed to creating new and better opportunities to facilitate learning. We are sure that 2021 will be a year full of opportunities for all of us involved in education. That is why we are very excited to introduce the new online courses on our website, which will allow future teachers and those in the classroom to complete training courses at their own pace through the use of videos and interactive activities.

Similarly, we have created new alliances with institutions and professionals to create and make available to you a new series of educational solutions such as the PleIQ Smart Cubes, the PleIQ School learning monitoring platform, and the interactive notebooks with augmented reality that will be available for the new school year 2021-2022. We also invite you to visit the Free Webinar section, where you will have the opportunity to register for our future events and watch past webinars’ recordings.

We will continue to inform you of our new resources and learning opportunities through this Blog and our social networks.

Thank you for being part of our educational community!

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