PleIQ School System

Understand How Your Students Learn

PleIQ School allows you to see student progress trends by identifying the data generated by them while using the PleIQ app with the smart cubes or the upcoming interactive notebooks.

Adapted to Academic Standards

PleIQ aligns to the Common Core State Standards  (CCSS) and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The contents and activities are based on the Taxonomy of Marzano and Kendall, ensuring an organization of the different processes of thought and mastery of knowledge.

Global progress reports

Get a clear and detailed vision of the progress of all your students, classrooms, and grade levels automatically based on the multiple intelligences, including: Linguistic, Logical, Kinesthetic, Visual, Musical, Naturalist, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.

From the moment you begin using PleIQ School, you can see your school’s overall performance according to each intelligence. Our algorithms do tedious work while you focus on more important tasks.


Progress analysis

Key indicators of the effort and performance of your school’s early education program are highlighted. This allows you to make adjustments and address problem areas quickly.

Reports by grade level, classroom, and student

In PleIQ School, you can easily replicate your institution’s base structure by creating grade levels, classrooms, and students. These will then be accessible through the mobile application of PleIQ using a Unique Account.

Pleiq School Classroom Reports

Early alerts

PleIQ School automatically monitors student, classroom and grade level performance and sends you early warning messages if it detects problems in the learning process. Now you can act in a timely manner to improve performance.

Pleiq School Early Alerts

UDL ready

PleIQ was designed to meet the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework on an international level. It was also built based on the taxonomy of Marzano and Kendall, assuring great organization structure which is necessary for today’s education.

Pleiq School Chart Comparison Student Course

Classroom Lesson Plans and Activities

Find dozens of educational activities ready to be used in class with students. Each activity has been designed and created by and for teachers.

Pleiq School Activities

Offer your students the opportunity to play and learn with the most advanced educational technology.

PleIQ GESA Awards

Our partner PleIQ Smart Toys, creators of the smart cubes and PleIQ School, has been selected as the global winner of the special Track in response to Covid-19 by the Global Edtech Startups Awards (GESA) 2020. This award recognizes the educational impact of educational solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools in Latin America and the U.S. are using the educational resources created by PleIQ to help parents and teachers continue supporting their children’s education during the challenging times created by the current pandemic. 

Get PleIQ School Now!

Allow your students to start learning with PleIQ School now and be part of early education evolution!

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