PleIQ Educational Bilingual Smart Cubes

PleIQ Smart Cubes with Augmented Reality

An intelligent educational resource consisting of eight cubes with letters, numbers, and symbols connecting children’s physical and digital worlds through experiences based on augmented reality and interactive activities to monitor learning in real-time. The app gives access to more than 200 bilingual learning experiences and interactive activities based on the curriculum.

PleIQ GESA Awards

Our partner PleIQ Smart Toys, creators of the cubes, has been selected as the global winner of the special Track in response to Covid-19 by the Global Edtech Startups Awards (GESA) 2020. This award recognizes the educational impact of educational solutions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools in Latin America and the U.S. are using the educational resources created by PleIQ to help parents and teachers continue supporting their children’s education during the challenging times created by the current pandemic. 

Magical Bilingual Educational Cubes

Multilingual Content

Bilingual App

All of PleIQ’s educational activities were designed to help your child learn many languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Other languages will be available soon!

Develop Multiple Intelligences

PleIQ Home uses Augmented Reality to develop the Multiple Intelligences of children ages 3 to 8. All the learning experiences in PleIQ were designed based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and David Rose’s Universal Design for Learning.

Multiple Intelligences PleIQ Bilingual App

More than 200 interactive activities

The cubes offer educational experiences with content of interest to children. Evolving according to their interests while fostering their curiosity and creativity.

PleIQ Kid

Learning Platform

PleIQ allows you to track your child’s progress for each intelligence, see their progress over time, and receive personalized recommendations to improve on nearly 160 educational skills.

Track Progress Of Bilingual Students
Adaptive Multilingual Content

Adaptive Content

PleIQ uses Adaptive Learning technology so that learning experiences adjust to suit the specific learning needs of every child.

A new way to engage and learn!

Bilingual App and Smart Cubes App
Bilingual App VR

PleIQ’s activities move beyond the screen and merge with your child’s physical learning space, allowing them to experience an incredible educational adventure.

PleIQ Bilingual Educational Smart Cubes

Get Your PleIQ!

Allow your child to start learning with PleIQ Smart Cubes now, and be part of the evolution in early education!

PleIQ Free App for iOS and Android

Free App for iOS & Android

The PleIQ app is compatible with both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

A powerful tool for the classroom!

PleIQ School allows teachers to obtain automatic reports on individual or collective student performance in real-time.

Learn more about PleIQ School

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