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By registering your book, you unlock access to online resources tailored to complement your studying and offer a more in-depth understanding of the exam content. Our online resources include an interactive practice examination that mirrors actual exam conditions, detailed explanations for each answer to ensure comprehensive understanding and various competency-based assessments. These tools are designed to guide your preparation process and equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to excel in the Bilingual Supplemental Exam.

To register your book and gain immediate access to these valuable online resources, simply fill out the required fields on this page.

Thank you for your dedication to bilingual education, and we look forward to supporting you throughout your exam preparation journey.

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El acento escrito

¿Cómo colocarlo?

Si no sabes cómo colocar el acento escrito, te compartimos varios enlaces que te  pueden ayudar según sea el caso de tu dispositivo.

WindowsKeyboard shortcuts for international characters

WindowsHow to Type Characters with Accents on Windows

Mac OS and iOSEnter characters with accent marks on Mac

AndroidType in a different language