Veronica: Your Virtual Tutor for Bilingual & ESL Education

Meet Verónica!

Your AI-Powered Tutor

Verónica is our AI-powered virtual tutor designed to support preservice teachers preparing for ESL and bilingual certification exams. Unlike generic AI, Verónica has been specifically trained using materials from Enabling Learning, making her uniquely equipped to understand and respond to the needs of bilingual and ESL educators. Verónica offers 24/7 support, providing real-time, context-aware guidance to help educators overcome the challenges of certification. Verónica, our AI-powered virtual tutor, is available in all our online courses to enhance your learning experience.

How Verónica Works

The Power of Specialized Training

Verónica uses advanced AI techniques like prompt engineering and embeddings to deliver precise and relevant responses. Prompt engineering involves crafting specific input queries that guide Verónica in providing accurate and useful answers. Embeddings help Verónica understand the context and meaning of language, allowing her to offer tailored advice based on the unique requirements of bilingual and ESL education.

Verónica’s effectiveness stems from continuous fine-tuning with databases created from our own educational resources, including books, workshops, and training materials. This specialized training ensures that Verónica’s responses are aligned with the best practices in bilingual and ESL education. By leveraging our extensive knowledge base, Verónica provides educators with the support they need to succeed in their certification journeys.

Read or download now our white paper to learn how Veronica, our AI-powered virtual tutor, has been trained with databases rooted in best practices of bilingual and ESL education, to amplify your learning journey.

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