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In the following module, you have the opportunity to engage with a variety of competency-based assessments. These have been designed to verify your comprehension of the information covered in the preparation book.

Select that module and start the test when you’re ready to challenge the Practice Exam. This exam consists of 81 multiple-choice questions developed to gauge your understanding and skills related to bilingual education, as detailed in the course. Though we’ve structured the exam to be completed within a 5-hour timeframe, the system doesn’t restrict you to this limit. You’re welcome to work at your own pace.
We understand that completing the test in a single 5-hour session might not be feasible for everyone. Therefore, our online testing system is tailored to your needs, offering the ability to save your progress automatically. If you need to step away from the test for any reason, you can simply log out or close your browser. You can pick up where you left off by logging back into the system at your convenience.

However, to efficiently manage your time, we recommend that you aim to complete the exam in 5 hours or less and keep track of your invested time. This flexible approach should make your test experience as convenient and effective as possible.

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El acento escrito

¿Cómo colocarlo?

Si no sabes cómo colocar el acento escrito, te compartimos varios enlaces que te  pueden ayudar según sea el caso de tu dispositivo.

WindowsKeyboard shortcuts for international characters

WindowsHow to Type Characters with Accents on Windows

Mac OS and iOSEnter characters with accent marks on Mac

AndroidType in a different language