Bilingual Education Supplemental (164)


This preparation course for the TExES Bilingual Education Supplemental exam (164) will allow you to prepare to succeed on the test. It is TEA (Texas Education Agency) approved, and after completing it, you will receive a certificate for 15 hours of preparation. Unlock the power of this course and gain access to Verónica, our virtual assistant, to enhance your preparation process. Read or download now our white paper to learn how Veronica has been trained with databases rooted in best practices of bilingual and ESL education, to amplify your learning journey.

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Welcome to your comprehensive, interactive preparation course for the TExES Bilingual Education Supplemental exam, designed to put you on a clear path to success. This innovative online course, approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is filled with vital information, strategic insights, and ample practice opportunities to give you a thorough and confident understanding of what to expect on the exam.

Throughout this course, you will delve into the significant concepts, practices, and strategies that form the backbone of effective bilingual education. Using a blend of text, insightful videos, and engaging interactive animations, you will explore different theories and methodologies, gain tactical skills for a bilingual classroom, and discover resources to enrich your instructional practice. The content of this course aligns meticulously with the Bilingual Education Supplemental exam requirements, ensuring you master all the evaluated competencies.

What sets this course apart is the array of assessment tools at your disposal. You will have access to a complete practice exam with 81 questions encompassing all competencies, supplemented by additional competency-based assessments with 99 targeted questions. These resources serve as a dynamic practice platform that offers immediate feedback on your answers, helping you to deepen your understanding and learn from any mistakes you make, thus providing invaluable insights into the exam’s logic.

Providing over 18 hours of active and engaging learning, this course ensures a thorough preparation experience. As a Texas Education Agency Approved CPE Provider, we validate and officially recognize your commitment and effort by providing you with a certificate stating the number of hours you’ve invested in this course upon completion.

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